About Us

Mosaic is a one of a kind neighborhood bar and lounge nestled in Astoria, Queens. Passionately concieved and designed to be a departure from the average nightlife scene, Mosaic is first and foremost about your experience.  

We focus on three key areas and concepts to provide our guests an all-encompassing experience: a stylish setting serving superior drink and fare while treating our guests as friends and family.

Mosaic is a place for anyone to relax, enjoy, & indulge. Each element that went into designing this atmosphere, such as the antique furnishings, hand crafted woodwork as well as the unique color schemes and patterns were hand selected to create a comfortable and matchless ambience.

We tend to steer away from the usual mainstream items and serve products that we ourselves enjoy. With over 130 bottled beers ranging from world-class IPAs and Belgian Ales to your favorite local Lagers, there is no shortage of choice at Mosaic.

A glance over the wine list and you'll find some interestingly named wines, each with its own distinct character.

A flavorful combination of alluring cheeses and cured meats are available served with fresh-baked bread and balsamic fig glaze.

Great service, care, and attentiveness is always priority at Mosaic.

We look forward to having you!